Day rooms

Tired of napping in your room back at home? Maybe you need to switch it up a bit. With Day rooms you can book a Day room during the day to take a solo nap, or a cuddly nap with your partner.

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Tired of always napping in your same old bedroom? Perhaps it’s time to switch it up a bit. With Dayuse you can book a day room for a few hours to take a relaxing solo nap, or a cuddly nap with your partner. Day rooms are great for a mini getaway without actually leaving your city. Thanks to this new concept you don't have to go to the restaurant, the movies, a coffee shop or a bar anymore, there's an alternative: a day room! With our amazing selection of hotels, you can choose one that best suits your expectations! Are you a fan of small cozy rooms, time alone, or private and intimate time with your partner? Then our curated selection of Day rooms is for you. The incredibly affordable prices are a specially added bonus so that you can rest in peace. What are you waiting for?

Day rooms and business

Sometimes offices are just too small, uninspiring or completely distracting. This is especially problematic when you're trying to conduct an interview with someone important, or if the office is getting too crowded to have a productive meeting. This is where our selection of business hotels comes in: you can book a day room as your private office! Being able to count on a quiet, comfortable and creative work space is vital when it comes to big interviews or projects. We can offer you exactly what you need to succeed in all your work projects thanks to a hotel room for the day. Be innovative with your work and book a day hotel room today!

Day rooms for you all across Australia

Everyday life can get boring, may it be in your relationship or just in life. With Dayuse you can now switch up your daily routine and book a day room at the hotel for any of your desires. No matter if you're trying to get some space or if you simply want to enjoy a luxurious escape, you can indulge in staying at the hotel for a short period. The misconception that hotels are only made for sleeping is a thing of the past! Thanks to amazing amenities as well as design and accommodations, you can now benefit from all of the great features at low prices thanks to Day hotel rooms on Dayuse.

How to book your day room?

Booking a day room is fast and easy. Rent a day room on our website within minutes. We have plenty of options, from luxury hotels and boutique hotels to business hotels and even budget hotels. Our hotels are chic and discreet, and of course you can also enjoy the hotel facilities : restaurant, bar, gym, spa, pool... Thanks to Dayuse, book a day room whenever you want to, with the utmost secrecy, and enjoy the comfort of a nice room, just for you or with your partner!

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