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Why wait for your next flight on the floor in a crowded airport when you can enjoy a hot shower and a king size bed? Book an airport hotel with Dayuse!

You travel regularly and you often need a place to rest between 2 flights? Book a hotel near an airport. A Dayuse airport allows you to sleep in a king size bed instead of sleeping on the floor at the airport.

Dayuse airport are hotels near airport and easy to access that you can reserve a day hotel for a period ranging from 3 to 8 hours at reduced prices. Dayuse has selected the best hotels Day use airports according to strict criteria: high quality service, tastefully decorated, quiet and comfort. prices were then negotiated in order to offer you the airports hotels at deeply discounted prices.

Day use airport: easy booking

Booking a Dayuse airport is very fast with Dayuse. Simply choose from our selection of hotels and in a few clicks you can book a hourly room near the airport of your choice and you pay at the hotel. After that it's up to you, you stay as long as you want without paying the price of one night. You do not need a credit card and you can give the name you want to book, you will be requested at check-in. The ease of booking an airport hotel allows you to book well in advance or tracking down an hotel in less than 5 minutes on a whim!

Free cancellation
Until the last minute
Payment at the hotel
Reserve without prepayment
Up to 75% off
Compared to an overnight stay
Worldwide leader
of daytime hotels
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