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5 star hotels in Sydney

5 star hotels in Sydney

5 Star Hotels in Sydney

Sydney, Australia is quite famous for its tourist destinations. If you are looking for a quick get away over the weekend,and on budget, consider Sydney. It is great because almost all its tourist destination are a reach away from the other.

A get away is made complete by a comfortable stay. Now, if you are planning a get away to Sydney, here are some of the hotels you should consider for your stay.


1. Sir Stamford Plaza Circular Quay

It is named after the Circular Quay Harbour that is less than a ten-minute walk away. If you are fascinated by the classical style, this is the place for you.

This Hotel is surrounded by some of the popular destinations like the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Opera House which is a walk away. From the hotel suites, you get to enjoy breathtaking views of the Harbour bridge and the city as a whole.



During your stay in Stamford, you get to enjoy the sauna, an outdoor swimming pool, a workout area, a restaurant and a bar, internet access and a conference room with a capacity of up to two hundred members.

If your stay is during the day, you can book a day use room. You get to enjoy the above-mentioned amenities apart from parking that attracts a parking fee of 20USD.



For a night, you can book directly from their website with rates starting from 150 USD to as high as 500 USD. Check in is at 3PM and checkout at 11 AM. As for day use, you can book a stay during the day from 10AM to 5PM. Cancellation is free and you get to enjoy discounts of up to 34 percent.

2. Ovolo Woollowmooloo

Located just fifteem minutes away from the Opera House, this hotel is a pick especially if you are with your furry friend.

It has a contemporary Autralian setting to it and so might be fit if you appreciate the contemporary style.


Ovolo Woollowmooloo has the following facilities: a swimming pool, Internet, a fitness centre, TV, room service, and shuttle service when touring around.

You are allowed to bring your pet with you. You can also opt for day use. With day use you check in at 10 AM and check out at 5PM . You get access to all the facilities apart from parking which you pay for.


With Ovolo, you can get a room from as little as 200 USD to about 500 USD for full suites. As for day use, you get a discount of up to 40 percent on the normal prices. Cancellation is free.


3. Crowne Plaza Sydney Burwood

Located in Burwood District, this hotel is located about 5 kilometres from the ANZ stadium and 6 Kilometres away from the Sydney Show-ground.



With Crowne Plaza, you get to enjoy a internet connection, parking, air-conditioned rooms, a sun terrace, TV, swimming pool, a fitness centre as well as reliable 24-hour customer service.

If you opted for a day use room, you get to check in from 10 AM and check-out from 5PM while an overnight stay requires a check in from 3PM and a checkout at 1AM following day. With the day use package, you still get to enjoy the amenities described above.



The rates for a night range from 250 USD for for standard rooms and up to 450USD for premiums rooms with a city view. As for day use, you get discounts from 30 to 75 percent on the normal rates.

To get the most convenient accommodation, search for hotel near me to locate one. Sydney is a splendid destination, make your visit count by experiencing the best stay!