Hotel rooms with a private bathtub or Jacuzzi
Discover our selection of beautiful hotel rooms with a private bathtub or Jacuzzi across Australia
Early check-in hotels
Dayuse offers a wide selection of hotels with early check-in for when you need a room in the morning.
Love Hotel
Want to meet your partner and break your daily routine? Book a romantic hotel room!
Hourly Hotels
Book a hourly hotel with Dayuse: relax, clear your mind and rest for a few hours during the daytime.
Day rooms
In need of a hotel room for a morning, afternoon or full day, alone or with a loved one? Book a day room!
Airport Hotel
Why wait for your next flight on the floor in a crowded airport when you can enjoy a shower and a bed?
Afternoon hotel rooms
If you need a break during the day, why don't you try staying at at hotel during the afternoon?